Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ideas for Displaying Your Guest Book Puzzle

Photo by Deborah Jolly and Kara Jolly

How to Get Your Puzzle Ready to Frame

The easiest way to stabilize your puzzle, is to tape the back with masking tape as pictured above. This is less messy than glue, and won't damage the wood or signatures on the front of the puzzle. When your puzzle is taped, it is easy to pick up and position in a frame. It is also less permanent, so you can move pieces around later, should you ever wish to.


When choosing a frame, you will want to check the back of the frame and make sure it is a little deeper. Some frames are thin and barely hold a paper thickness, but many will have some clearance for matting, etc. You will want one of those, or a shadow box frame would have plenty of space for the puzzle thickness.

Photo by Katie & Tim

Make a Photo Guestbook Puzzle   

Photo and Idea by Donna Brown

I used clear packing tape on the backside to hold the pieces together. Then I made a mat for the back out of foam poster board. I cut "doors" in the mat so I could change out the pictures if I wanted to. I glued the mat to the back of the puzzle with Mod Podge. Then attached the Command strips to the mat. The puzzle was mounted using Velcro Command wall mounts. 
Violá! :-)
Wood puzzle pieces can be ordered here.